When a child attends school, there is a great change for that child and for his/her family. We believe that you, the child’s parents are a most important link in this transition. Parents and teachers as partners.

The better the bridge between home and school, the better the education: that’s the message of recent research. This centre will always talk about starting school in a positive manner that will reinforce a healthy attitude towards the transition.

On request from a school pre-school records will be made available for the child transferring. If possible information on local schools will be made available.

Engadine Gumnuts Pre-school program is aimed towards giving your child greater confidence and self –esteem in preparation for Big School. Teachers work at each child’s pace and offer full support and praise for effort, trying hard and the process they work through, rather than the resulting piece of work.

Pre-school program is an exciting time for your child where the teachers focus on further development of their pre-writing, pre-reading, pre-maths skills and social/emotional development. These activities are planned for the children to stimulate their mind and challenge their thoughts, while remaining fun, appealing and appropriate for their individual development.

The Preschool Program is ongoing throughout the year and incorporates many activities throughout the day, with just some of the activities being:

  • News time –To build self-esteem and confidence in front of a large group of children. Each child will have a special news day, once a week, where they are encouraged to stand up in front of their peers and answer questions and talk about something special. The remaining children have the opportunity to listen to their friends and then ask questions.
  • Appropriate Writing tools – Children have access to these at all times, including HB Pencils, triangle grip pencils, scissors, handwriting tracing cards and name cards.
  • Independence – Looking after their own belongings, house keeping e.g. making their own bed, helping set the table, packing away, toileting and shoes on and off.

Starting in March during rest time all Pre-school children will start working on their school journals which include activites on Pre-writing and Maths, . These will help develop hand-eye co-ordination and reinforce correct pen grip and correct motor movements with the emphasis on trying their best and becoming FAMILIAR with these types of activities.

At the end of each year the Pre-schoolers are given transition to school statements, which are emailed to your child school and to the parents


Our main objectives for the Pre-school program are:


  • To try our best, be happy and
  • To progress at our individual pace
  • To build confidence and self-esteem
  • To reinforce correct pen grip and correct motor movements
  • To practice moving from left to right with a pencil
  • To reinforce letter formation, with a natural slope
  • To practice drawing a variety of writing strokes, patterns and lines.
  • To ensure that Mathematical concepts are fully understood, through ‘hands on’ materials and in-depth discussions
  • To extend each child’s thinking and reasoning skills, along with their estimation, matching and counting ability.
  • To ask and answer questions such as: “What would happen if …?”
  • To follow pictures/stories from left to right and top to bottom
  • To identify likeness and differences
  • To understand concept of sequence – first/last

A vital part of the success of the pre-school program is the praise and encouragement that the children receive. We aim to develop a great enthusiasm for learning within your child.