At Engadine Gumnuts we seek to provide the highest quality care, allowing each child to achieve to the best of their ability. Our centre’s philosophy is reflected in our practises and care we provide.

In relation to children:

We believe in all children gaining a sense of security and feeling supported and valued within our centre. We believe in nurturing the growth of all our children, embracing their individuality and unique personalities. We believe in the importance of a child’s voice and responding with positive and thoughtful interactions. We believe in allowing the children freedom to be themselves and the importance of exploration and learning through play, we aim to achieve this through allowing the children to direct their play and learning.

In relation to families:

We believe in the value of partnerships and the importance of family input. We aim to embrace all our families and reflect a range of cultures, family styles, values, and beliefs; allowing for an inclusive and supportive learning environment. We believe these partnerships allow both families and children gain a sense of belonging within our centre.

In relation to our program:

We believe in providing an inclusive program, allowing each child to participate at their own pace and to the best of their ability. We implement a holistic program; supporting children physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. We place importance on embracing the child’s interests and allowing this to guide our daily programs. We believe in the importance of play, allowing the children the opportunity to make discoveries and explore and extend their own play using materials that can be moved, carried, combined and re-designed.

In relation to staff:

We believe that our role as educators is pivotal in a child’s life and education. These relationships not only enhance the child’s sense of security but also foster their learning in the early years. It is these relationships we form with children that assist them in confidently transitioning through the early years. We believe as educators we can not only shape the lives of our children but also those aspiring to become educators. We believe in learning off one another and the power of team teaching. We believe in the importance of reflection and using this to guide us as educators.

In relation to our community:

We believe the community is one of our greatest resources. We aim to embrace the local services and connect with local schools, businesses, and community organisations. We place importance on recognising the local Aboriginal community, the Dharawal people being the traditional owners of the land. We aim to reflect Aboriginal culture and history throughout our program.

In relation to the environment:

We believe in the importance of our children gaining an appreciation for the environment and incorporating natural loose parts into their environment to create curiosity and opportunity. We promote this in: the learning environments we provide, our actions as role models, and the principals we teach. We believe in the importance of children taking responsibility in caring for the environment through participating in sustainable practises embedded in our daily routines.