At Engadine Gumnut Child Care Centre we seek to provide a warm, safe, caring, stimulating and home-like environment that meets the developmental needs and interests of each child in our care. We believe children learn best through play-based learning which is child-initiated and provides the opportunity for each child to be seen as competent, social, healthy, curious and resourceful learners. It is our belief that the quality of experiences, environment and the positive relationships built between educators, children, families and the wider communities will have a strong influence on children’s success in later life.

Gumnut Child Care Centre believes that the foundation of our practices to foster children’s learning and development reflects the Early Years Learning Framework. We endeavour to meet these educational visions by developing:

Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships

  • Nurturing a mutually supportive environment which supports and strengthens family ties
  • Positively interacting with children though open communication to listen to their thoughts and feelings
  • Encouraging children to develop self-discipline through positive guidance
  • Establishing an understanding of the importance of team work and collaboration amongst children, staff and families.
  • Meeting the interrelated needs and changing needs of parents and children


  • Supporting and encouraging the interest and involvement of parents to share in making this centre an extension of home. We also support and encourage parent’s questions and suggestions regarding the continual review of our Philosophy and goals.
  • Encouraging parent involvement in the management of the centre and the programming for their children.
  • Communicating freely and respectfully with each other to share insights and perspectives about each child
  • Liaising with other community groups and services to develop support networks for the benefit of children’s needs.

High expectations and equity

  • Staff regarding all individuals equally and providing equal and unbiased opportunities for both boys and girls to develop to their full potential regardless of race, religion, gender or disability
  • All children have a right to feel confident about themselves and to believe that their contributions are worthwhile. Our programs will endeavour to provide all children with the opportunity to make choices, to make mistakes and try again.
  • Providing children the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, physically, creatively and intellectually at his/her own pace.

Respect for diversity

  • Recognising that each child comes to the centre with a different set of experiences, knowledge, interests and developmental needs.
  • Acknowledging the range of cultural backgrounds of our families and having a genuine regard for all children, their language and culture, while endeavouring to meet multicultural needs within our programs. We will achieve this through implementing policies and practices which respond to the multicultural needs of the children and families. Parents who wish to share their cultures eg language, food, music, national dress, etc are most welcome to do so.
  • Providing opportunities to explore similarities and differences

Ongoing learning and reflective practice

  • Providing child care students and trainees with practical experiences within the child care field, while under constant supervision.
  • Engaging in professional reflection, self reflection and appreciation/reflection with our peers to examine current practices, outcomes and children’s well being
  • Providing an environment which maintains high standards of health, safety, nutrition and hygiene, while constantly researching and supporting the transition to a chemical free centre