Parents are encouraged to be involved in the operation of the centre. Parent’s wishes are taken into account regarding the extent of their involvement with the centre.

Communication and Family Activities

Parents are welcome visitors at any time. Parents and other family members are encouraged to share an activity with the children such as craft, cooking, musical experience or reading a story. If you are interested please see a teacher and your name will be added to the Parent roster found on the notice board in the foyer.

Special activities are arranged during the year to allow all family members and other members of the community to participate in the centre’s activities. These include Easter and Christmas festivities, and other special occasions where we have visitors from the Fire Department, Musicians, Puppeteers and Dental Therapists.

Parents and Family members can actively participate at Engadine Gumnuts in many ways.

  1. Parent Help Roster. This roster is always located on the foyer notice boards. When you would like to come and be involved in the centre just let a teacher know the time and date and fill it in on the roster in the foyer. We would love to get to know you and your family better so come along and sing a song, read a story, play an instrument, share information about your career or perhaps plan a craft activity.
  2. We hold Easter and Christmas festivities, which include morning teas, concerts and parties that all parents and family members are welcome to join us on such occasions. Children graduating from Gumnuts also have a ceremony, which all parents attend. We also hold a Friday night Disco once during the year.
  3. A notice board in the foyers will also help to convey centre information to parents including Staff meeting minutes, community notices, upcoming courses etc.
  4. Child Profile Updates are handed out at regular intervals throughout the year. This information is invaluable to connecting your child’s home experience to the centre. This also help build continuative of care for your child’s development.
  5. Monthly Newsletter notifies parents of forthcoming events and will be found in your child pocket or via email. The newsletters will also include information on matters of interest to parents regarding child health, safety and other matters.
  6. Parent Committee meeting are held 3 times per year at 6.30/7.30pm. Meeting Minutes are then emailed to all Gumnut families following the meeting.
  7. Communication Books. The 0-2 year olds will be given a communication book on their first day at Gumnuts. We will write in this book daily to tell you a little bit about your child’s day and to send home informal messages. It can also be used by parents to pass on any comments or requests to your child’s teacher. Please take them home, read them and return each day your child attends.
  8. Email – Weekend dairy invites, upcoming events, weekly menu & other important parent information is communicated via regular messages sent to parents, including invitations to comment on curriculum, program, routines & experiences.
  9. Childcarers online journal app – is used to send out the daily program, photos, observations, follw up activities and much more.

Programs and Developmental Files

  1. Parents have the right to access information about their child's program, development and routines. Staff will strive to make all parents feel comfortable when communicating any concerns about their child's care and education. All parents will be given the opportunity to observe, participate and share in their child's care and education.
  2. In order that children may receive adequate and proper supervision at all times, parents are asked to make an appointment through the Directors or Authorised Supervisor for a time convenient to both parent and teacher for an in-depth discussion or report on their child.
  3. Regular brief exchanges of information are important and are valued.
  4. All information gathered is confidential and remains the property of the centre. Records must be kept for the length of time set out in the Children's services Regulations 2004.


As we are a privately run centre we do not have a management committees but throughout the year we form parent/staff committees to review policies, accreditation matters and discuss relevant issues. We invite and welcome your participation on these committees through our newsletter.

Participation by parents, in the above activities, is encouraged but not enforced.

If there is anything that parents would like to see covered in any of the media, newsletters, meetings etc. we will be happy to include your requests. Communication works best when it is two-way and, after all, it is there to keep all parents informed and up to date, and to provide us with feedback on parents' concerns.