Child/Parent Orientation Process

AIM: To make the transition to Gumnut a pleasant and rewarding experience for both parents and children who are to start at our centre. To also help the parents to feel comfortable with their decision to leave their children in the care of Gumnut staff.


Waiting List

  • Parent wishing to have their name added to our waiting list will be invited to visit the Centre and see how the Centre operates before being added to our waiting list.
  • The Director or Authorised Supervisor will offer to take the parents through the Centre for a tour of relevant rooms for that child. A brief outline of the centre activities will also be explained to the parents.
  • The parents will then be asked for the relevant information to allow us to complete our waiting list form and will be advised of the possible timing before being offered a place.

Actual Enrolment

  • As soon as we are able to confirm a place for any child the parents will be contacted and advised that they are required to visit the Centre in order to complete the enrolment process.
  • When the parent visit the centre they will be handed the relevant information and forms including
    1. Enrolment Forms
    2. Daily routine sheets
    3. Medication Information sheets
    4. Parent Handbook
    5. Fee structure sheets
    6. Orientation booking form
  • The Director or Authorised Supervisor will sit down with each child's parents to obtain relevant background information e.g. immunisation records and family background
  • The Director or Authorised Supervisor will explain the procedures for fees and deposit payments.

Orientation Process

  • The Director/Authorised Supervisor will arrange for new children to attend the centre for short periods together with one or both parents prior to starting, which will be organised based on individual needs. This is to reassure young children that parents will return to collect them. The children may participate in centre activities if they wish. A number of young children just prefer to watch rather than do initially.
  • An Orientation form will then be discussed, with a minimum of two visits booked into the diary at a convenient time for the family, children and staff. The times of orientation are flexible and worked out between the Director and parent keeping in mind the routines happening in the room. Orientation visits can be booked for up to as many as seen necessary for the individual child.

Orientation Visit

  • Parents come with child for a full 45 minutes in the child's room, bringing bag and hat for a practice run. At this first Orientation the Director will ask if the parent has any concerns or questions.
  • During the 0rientation visit parent and children will be introduced to each staff member in the room and the room they will be attending as well as other staff in the centre.
  • Parent/s and children will be encouraged to participate in the activities.
  • The Director/Authorised Supervisor will explain our programming system and other relevant policies in greater detail and answer any questions the parents may have. Parent are also given the "Starting your child letter".

First Day At Kindy

  • The child's first day at kindy, this is a very big day for parent and child. It is important that parents remain very positive and confident about kindy in the first few weeks of settling in to kindy. It is also very important that our parents do not get upset in front of their child
  • It is our policy to encourage upset parents finding it difficult with settling their child into kindy to drop them off promptly and wait in the carpark for the director. The Director will join the parents minutes after they have separated from their children, the parents will be encouraged to come back inside to have a peek at their child so they can see they have in fact settled down rather quickly after the separation. Parents may also telephone the centre as many times as they wish during the day to reassure themselves that the child has settled in.